My Undergraduate Experience Towards My Pursuit of Academic Excellence

Academic excellence is attainable and we all are capable of attaining it.

The term academic excellence isn’t a new one in our society/education system today.


As an undergraduate scholar, I may not be in the best position to talk about it, but as someone who understands the nitty-gritty of academics, I can share some knowledge.


I am an undergraduate, but prior to my current status, like every other person I attended primary and secondary school which kind of gave me an insight to what academic excellence entails.


First of all, what is academic excellence?


Academic excellence, subjectively is the ability of an individual to scale through in his/her academics despite all distractions. In my definition you must have noticed the phrase “scale through his/her academics despite all distractions”.

I will explain now. Most at times, it is not because of our lack of intelligence that make us not to be excellent in our academics but because of distractions.

Distractions are those things that hinder us from achieving something or that keeps us one step away from achieving a particular set out goal and in this case academic excellence. Distractions can come in various forms.


As a secondary school student, I was often bullied by seniors and this was a major distraction for me, I lacked time for my academic activities and was slowly retarding in my academic performance.

Soon enough, I metamorphosed from being the prey to being the hunter. I was now in SS3 and I hadn’t time for my books which were my priorities at that time and I continued to drop in my academic performance.

I had always been an intelligent student so it wasn’t long before my teachers noticed that I had started dropping and called my attention, something I didn’t notice because of a major distraction called seniority.


It was at that point that I noticed the big distraction standing in front of me as a barricade against academic excellence and I set out to destroy it. So first we must find out the distractions and crush them. In our various colleges and universities, it will be erroneous to say that there are no distractions, especially in the universities.


Too much of church and fellowship activities,etc. As undergraduates some of the distractions include; unnecessary social outings, but we must learn to starve our distraction in order to attain academic excellence.


Another pivotal step to academic excellence is outlining our priorities right. You can’t tell me that you’re a student and your studies is not part of your priorities, if not the top priority. If not, you’re on a straight road down the academic ladder. Again, we should not be complacent.


Complacence is a situation where a person is satisfied with what he or she has attained or achieved and therefore relaxes. As we must have heard before learning is a continuous process and shouldn’t stop. If we just relax and rely on what our teachers or lecturers tell us in class, we may likely end up being an average student.


Academic excellence is not about being average, it’s about being better and subsequently, best. Extra materials would help. Extra reading would help, extra tutorials would help. You must do something extra to attain the zenith.


Academic excellence is attainable and we all are capable of attaining it.

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