My Thoughts On 5G, Covid-19, Vaccination And Anti-christ – Nwadike Osmond C.

5G simply means 5th Generation mobile network. According to Qualcomm, 5G will elevate the mobile network to not only interconnect people, but also interconnect and control machines, objects, and devices (IoT).


By: Nwadike Osmond C.


The internet has been agog recently with theories and postulations relating 5G technology to the COVID-19 pandemic and on the grand scale, linking it to schemes of the apocalyptic Anti-Christ. There are also other concerns on the health risk of the technology with the most prominent being the “falling off of birds from the sky” as a result of exposure to 5G!….well that’s quite scary if true. To seek clarifications on these theories, I took out time to research and form an opinion.


Below are my findings:


COVID-19 vs 5G & related theories:
Recent studies have shown that the Corona Virus Disease 19 (COVID-19) is caused by Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). It is worthy of note that this is not the first corona virus outbreak. In 2002, there was SARS outbreak caused by SARS-CoV in Guangdong, China and infected over 8000 people around the world. Also, in 2012 another coronavirus, known as Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) caused an endemic infecting over 2000 people in Middle Eastern countries. Comparatively, the previous corona virus outbreaks have recorded higher fatality rates than the current outbreak, however, COVID-19 is more infectious. Studies have also shown that bats are key reservoirs for coronaviruses and must have infected humans via direct consumption of bats or secondary hosts as was the case in wildlife market in Wuhan, China where the current outbreak kicked off.


On the other hand, 5G simply means 5th Generation mobile network. According to Qualcomm, 5G will elevate the mobile network to not only interconnect people, but also interconnect and control machines, objects, and devices (IoT). Like previous generations of wireless technology (1G,2G,3G & 4G), 5G is transmitted over radio waves. Basic knowledge of Physics infers that radio waves are found at the low frequency end of the spectrum i.e. 30Hz – 300GHz. This means that these waves cannot penetrate your skin to damage DNA inside cells, which is exactly how high frequency waves like UV light, X-rays & Gamma rays are thought to cause cancer. To improve the speed and capacity of our wireless technology, 5G uses a higher frequency of radio waves compared to its older generations.


To put these into perspective, the visible light we see have a higher frequency (430-770 THz; and 1 THz = 1000 GHz) than the highest-frequency radio wave (5G inclusive). That entails higher energies and consequently, higher penetrating power, thus higher health risks! This fact is conspicuously shown on the Electromagnetic (EM) spectrum. It is also worthy of note that the WHO and International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has classified all Radio frequencies (including 3G, 4G, 5G, 6G) as “possibly carcinogenic” because there is evidence that falls short of being conclusive that exposure may cause cancer in humans. Talcum powder and pickled vegetables also belong to this category.


In fact, alcoholic drinks and processed meat are in a higher category because their evidence is stronger, thus they’re possibly more dangerous to your health than the 5G technology. In another study by New York Times, experts on the biological effects of EM radiation stated that radio waves become safer at higher frequencies, not more dangerous! (Extremely high-frequency energies like X-rays, behave differently and do pose a health risk).


So why the sudden fuss about 5G, a high frequency radio wave?
Those who relate COVID-19 to 5G claim that the later might suppress the immune system and that the viruses can communicate via radio waves. Of course, neither of these theories is backed up by any sort of evidence and the pandemic is currently ravaging countries/locations where there is presently no 5G e.g Iran, all Nigerian states except Lagos and Abuja. I also want to ask that was it 5G that the previous corona viruses used to communicate during the 2002 and 2012 outbreaks?


Now on the issue of birds falling off from the sky, here are the facts: On June 28th 2018, testing of 5G technology was carried out at a park in Hague, Netherlands. However, the massive death of birds occurred between October 19th to November 3rd 2018. Mind you, these birds weren’t caged after the tests. They were exposed to higher frequency natural visible-light before and after the event and possibly UV rays of the sun or to some other phenomena.


This theory of 5G being responsible for the deaths was authored by John Kuhles who runs several anti-5G conspiracy websites and social media pages. However, being unable to logically/scientifically prove his assertion has since walked back his claim that a 5G test occurred at all, and he has now moved the goalposts so far as to claim that perhaps it was just a whole lot of 4G LTE networks getting up in those birds’ business. Either way, from a scientific/logical standpoint his assertions are unfounded.



There are also several hypotheses on the vaccination against COVID-19. A school of thought has it that the virus is in the vaccine. That implies you get vaccinated, you get infected. Well no vaccine have been used so far in Nigeria and Africa as a whole, yet we have over 8000 confirmed cases in Africa. So my question is, who produced and administered the vaccines to the patients?


Another school of thought has it that 5G technology and COVID-19 are used by the anti-Christ to pave way for the global mandatory vaccination which he/they will use to install the one world order and control mankind. We all have seen this very script play out before., but I will remind us. The rejection of polio vaccination by religious and political leaders of Kano, Zamfara and Kaduna states in 2003 retarded the immunization of Northern Nigeria and we all know how it ended and the resulting consequences. On the issue of anti-Christ, I also remember that several prominent men in the past have been accused by religious figures/organisations as the anti-christ. From Late Pope John Paul II to former US president, Barrack Obama. There was also similar uproar when the Federal government wanted to enforce BVN. Some “hyper-spiritual” religious leaders all tried to associate it to the apocalytptic mark of the beast, without which you can neither buy nor sell. Well, these aforementioned prominent global figures have all come and gone, yet no anti-Christ. BVN have also come to stay and even those who previously demonized it are currently reaping the benefits.


Now to my fellow Christians, I have a few questions:

> If you are a child of God, let’s assume the vaccination/anti-Christ theory is true, will the vaccine nullify your salvation? Romans 8:38-39 may help with answers
> Do you think you can do anything to accelerate or forestall the manifestation of the anti-Christ?
Well, the anti-Christ will come at the appointed time and there’s nothing anyone living or dead can do about it. Mixing up issues and inciting fear especially at this point in time will do no one any good. Even Christ in teaching about times like this [Luke 21:9] have one message “FEAR NOT”.


In the words of Nancy Pelosi on getting the pandemic under control, she said “It won’t happen unless we respect science. And for those who say we choose prayer over science, I say science is an answer to our prayers”. I couldn’t agree more. If there’s anything I’ve learnt about God’s relationship with man, it’s the fact that He can’t do for you what you can do for yourself.


The only thing you can do is to stay safe: Observe Social distancing, Wash your hands frequently and obey the directives of NCDC, WHO and other credible health institutions.


Article By: Nwadike Osmond C. [Studied at Federal University of Technology Owerri, FUTO. (A Christian by faith, Engineer by training and Simple by nature)]

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