My Ex Dumped Me Because Of My Bodysize, Then I Commenced Gyming — Man

Truly another man’s favorite, will likely be what another man hates with deep passion and here’s a recent story that proved it right.

My Ex Dumped Me Because Of My Bodysize - Man

The story of a vibrant young man who recently revealed how he got motivated to commenc a weight loss exercise aimed at reducing fats after his ex-girlfriend allegedly dumped due to his body size.

The story shared by the man with Twitter handle @xopercs explained that his ex-babe called their relationship a quit at the beginning of the COVID-19 lockdown period because he was fat a lot and that prompted him to start the exercise, maybe because of #heartbreak

@xopercs on twitter, as well shared photos of himself before the breakup and another, showing the transformation he had undergone after approximately two weeks of the constant weight-loss exercise.

My Ex Dumped Me Because Of My Bodysize, Then I Commenced Gyming — Man

Sharing the photos, @xopercs tweeted, “my ex left me cus i was fat when lock down first started and this happened”

Below is the tweet made by @xopercs which have so far gone viral;


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