My Business Ideal And How To Succeed In An Unstable World


Business is incomplete without the inclusion of a packaged and refined value. Value here means the totality of your time, skills, products and services. Thus, providing it in exchange for resources, money being part of it.

This kind of business definition is known as the Transactional Business and the business ideal I will be discussing is one where you provide the needs of other businesses, and they return for more of your services without meeting you in person. Achieving this kind of skill as a business man/woman in the unstable world needs a high level of critical thinking and understanding, mediocrity wouldn’t fetch you your desired results. There are some crucial and simplified neglected measures to take to provide businesses and people with their needs. This is the business ideal, and I call it “The consultancy or Assistance”.

This business ideal works both in a stable and unstable world. Your business will stand and survive even when others fail. Firstly, to start an Assistance/Consultancy business, you need a simple business name and a simplified business logo for easy identification. Great business firms like Coca cola, Google, Beverage, and Automobile companies have simplified business logos that stand out even in it’s garb of simplicity.

However, having a simplified business name and logo for easy identification is only a tip of the ice-berg. The important part of an Assistance or a consultancy business is the contents and services that you are rendering. In an unstable world, a content redefined, and repackaged by an experienced professional has a greater success rate than the one with poor content. Your contents are the values you are selling to businesses and people packaged in a way that will make anyone seeing it come to get it (this pattern of selling is called “Marketing”). Services for an assistance or consultancy business are your business services like Business analysis for other business, marketing (both social and digital marketing), online community building, customer service rendering, Etc. There are so many services in the Assistance/consultancy business and when exhibited in the right format makes waves.

This is the part where affiliate programs come in, you can dispense your services without selling it to businesses or people directly.. Affiliates in an Assistance/Consultancy business are rendering services free for other firms to get some percent back and this always adds more value than rendering direct services to clients. Here you are rendering the services a firm wants to sell to others, your business rebuilds the contents of the firm and sells the outcomes to the firm’s client and gets paid from what the firm’s clients pay. The gain here is this; the firm is your only client if they pay you, but the people buying from the firm are in hundreds and millions and you gain from each and every one of them.

In conclusion, the business ideal is a transactional business pattern called an Assistance/Consultancy Business, where services are rendered to others and success is achieved the moment you dispense your services at a fixed price to receive monetary reward among others. In an unstable world strangers are always the success road to it and this can be done online with ease.

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