My Biggest Mistake On LinkedIn — Brigette Hyacinth

Keynote speaker and the Author of Leading the Workforce of the Future, Brigette Hyacinth, has taken to LinkedIn to share her biggest mistake on LinkedIn – a social media platform that connects the world’s professionals.

Brigette Hyacinth reportedly said that her biggest mistake on LinkedIn was specifically putting her treasures in one place online.

Here’s the exact publication made by the LinkedIn influencer, Brigette Hyacinth, today (Friday, November 27, 2020);


“My Biggest MISTAKE on LinkedIn was….

focusing too much on LinkedIn. On July 27th LinkedIn removed my account just like that without any notice or explanation. My account was restored, but during that period I was completely wiped out like I never existed on the platform. 10 Years gone in an instant! My advice never put all your eggs in one basket. This is why I have finally started my YouTube channel.

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Don’t make my same mistake!”

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