[MUST READ] Why You Shouldn’t Snub Messages On Social Media

Reasons you should endeavor to attend to your Messages On Social Media

A friend of mine reached out to a CEO in his LinkedIn connection but he didn’t reply. My friend was trying to purchase the CEO’s service for his business but because my friend had on his profile – ”available for opportunities”, he got looked down.


The CEO perhaps felt he might want to ask for a job or asked to be referred, so he didn’t acknowledge his messages. He sent another message to the CEO but he removed my friend from his connection list.


My friend was disappointed and wrote: ”Hello, Mr. ABC, I see you offer web development service and I’ve been trying to reach you so I can negotiate with you. But it seems you are too busy to acknowledge my message or don’t want to reply. I could see you’ve removed me as well for disturbing you. No problem. Maybe you thought I was a job seeker but you were wrong.

”I wish you all the best.”


The busy CEO became available immediately. He was no longer busy anymore.


My friend then replied again: ”I don’t need your service anymore. Keep being busy.”


This is what many influencers will become in a short space of time. Keep being busy snubbing small profiles and job seekers. Remember, every big gun was once a small profile.

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