Motorcyclist Returns Missing N700,000 To Owner – Photo

Shocking As Motorcyclist Returns Missing N700,000 To Owner

In a recent story emanating from Nigeria, astonishing crowd is said to have gathered to celebrate the great gesture of a motorcyclist after he returned a lost N700,000 to a business Woman in Oghara, Ethiope West Local Government Area of Delta State, Nigeria.

According to reports gathered by Mentorslinks, the passenger had boarded the motorcycle to Oghareki market and the money fell off while she was alighting from the bike.

The motorcyclist was quick to notice that something fell from her, but before he could draw her attention to it, she had walked into the market unaware that her money fell.

He picked up the money and went searching only to find her weeping profusely over the missing money.

Joy indescribable was the feeling of the business woman as praises were showered on the motorcyclist by traders when he finally handed over the money to her.

As at time of this report, we didn’t get to know if the woman rewarded the motorcyclist.

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