MoolaTask — Scam or Legit (Complete Reviews)

MoolaTask is reportedly a Service Network lauched on 15th January 2021, with FREE Registration that pays users with or without referral.


As a participant in MoolaTask, if you also invite others to register for free, that will Earn you Referral Cash Bonus too.

It is totally FREE Registration without you paying anyone a dime, rather you get paid which means that, you can actually make money online without investment. And you have got zero fear of getting scammed as you won’t need to invest a dime & you’ll earn a considerable minimal amount that’ll surely be paid to you instead of excess earning that you won’t get.

Reviews on MoolaTask shows that it’s LEGIT, not SCAM. And it’s not a Ponzi Scheme.

Currently ₦300,000 awoof referral bonus is allocated. First task with budget of ₦200k will be published tomorrow. So be rest assured you can still earn and make more money.

  • How To Join or Participate in MoolaTask ?
  • How Do I Register on MoolaTask ?
  • How to get MoolaTask registration guidelines ?

To Join (that’s Register to Participate) in MoolaTask and start earning cool cash that will be paid to you.

Visit, fill your infomation to open an account, and use Soaznews as your Referral Username. When you’re done with your registration, do well to WhatsApp 08160999249 for other guidelines.

Let’s build a crowd network with FREE registration, refer others to register for FREE and earn cash bonus of 10 moola point per referral. Good luck!

MoolaTask — Scam or Legit (Complete Reviews)

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