MoolaTask: How To Get “Active” Referrals

If you’re participating in and wish to earn more money via Referral Bonus (N100 per referral), ensure you do this ASAP.


Create a WhatsApp Group so that when people join, give them complete information about how it works and give them your username (my own is Soaznews) to input on their “Referral Username” section.

Once they register, check their names and confirm if they are in your referral list and inform them to participate on active tasks daily.

This will secure the referral bonus you have from the person(s) because if they are eventually removed due to inactiveness (not participating on tasks), then you’ll lose that particular referral bonus.

MoolaTask is 100% free Registration and earning (by participating on tasks) and getting paid with or without referral.

Currently on MoolaTask, ₦500,000 referral bonus is up for grab. Are you interested?

If yes, register for FREE on now and start packing your share. You can make between ₦100 to ₦1000 daily without any investment on this one. Try it out now.

To get started, register now for free via and input Soaznews on the Referral Username section. Let’s know via WhatsApp (08160999249) when you’re done on next step to take. Best regards.

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