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Hey dear esteemed reader here on Mentorslinks, we’ve got you different concise et super unique motivating articles which you would appreciate.

Brigette Hyacinth who’s among the top-notch influencers on LinkedIn wrote;

“Are you feeling depressed or having suicidal thoughts? If you had a headache or a cold, you would instantly get medicine or visit the doctor.

“So please talk to someone. Get professional help. As a society we have put too much emphasis on the physical but it’s the mind which is more important.

“Your psychological state can distort your perspective on life. Negative thinking leads us to focus on the worst aspects or possible outcomes of a situation. Think positive. In this pandemic, we are losing too much people to suicide.

“Take care of your mental health. You are important. You matter. Things will work out for you. Keep going. Don’t give up.”

In another thorough search, we came across this stunning leadership et inspiration article made by Evi Abada on LinkedIn. Read what she wrote below;

“During my early job search years I applied for a role within a certain organization. I was invited to interview with the hiring manager and I thought that interview went well.

“Afterwards, I was asked to interview with another group of people whom I would have been working with. That second interview felt awkward. Some of the questions asked had no bearing to the role I was interviewing for.

“To cut a long story short, I didn’t get that job. Even though I felt bad at the time because that was an organization I really wanted to work with, I continued my job search process and continued to apply for other positions within that same organization, as well as other places.

“Suffice it to say that I eventually got a better role within that same organization, and in a different department. And the fun part? I even became a consultant to the people who didn’t hire me initially.

“Rejections will come. However, if they close the door in your face, come back and knock again! Some rejections actually redirect you to where you are supposed to be. So, don’t take them too seriously. Hold your head up and keep going!”

Remember, knowledge is simply not enough to create success. I’ve met exceptional people holding incredible knowledge, multiple degrees, and, too humble to pave the way to their best successes, to their best potential.

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