Media Influencer, Oge Nsimah slams Christian ladies purchasing Blue Eyes & Kayamata from Jaruma, Angela Nwosu.

Media Influencer, Oge Nsimah slams Christian ladies purchasing Blue Eyes & Kayamata from Jaruma, Angela Nwosu.

As e dey play, e dey show. Once again, top-notch table shaker cum media infuencer, Oge Nsimah, is at it again. This time with a bomber as she took time to call out Christian sisters, wives, who happily engage in patronizing JarumaAngela Nwosu’s business of Blue eyes and Kayamata all aimed at achieving success.

According to her;

“Take a good look at all these online shrines, that are selling Blue eyes  and kayamata.
see how they are  flooded with your Christian sisters and wives.
same people that will quote bible 70times  and call  God and Jesus at the mention of equal**y

I am very it after patronising these people from Monday to Saturday, you people  still go to church on Sunday to disturb Jesus and the Angels.
Is it written in your Bible that you should wear Blue eyes, to get luck and charm men?.

Go and  see your sisters and wives  fooling around online shrines.
Consulting Ezenwanyi mix concotions for them.
Buying blue eyes and fortifying themselves  just to gain men attention and bla bla blah
Most of them are wearing you men as beads in their ankles .
They are not ashamed any longer….
Those days, even in movies, people that do visit native doctor and Eze nwanyi do it secretly..

I just don’t get it, you don’t believe words from  Your parents can give  you good luck and protection….
You don’t even trust your fate to give all that.
Even the religion you carry like gala on your head, you don’t fully believe…eeeeh
But you believed in one yeye mamia water concoction

Look let me tell you men, no strong willed lady or guy can wear such nonsense.
Nobody from a home can think of using that…what ever their intellectual and grace of God cannot give them, should remain where it is…
Those using these products are feeble minded unintelligent  week women and men.
They masters and their slaves that likes to be lord…When ever the center could not hold it again, they turn to blue eyes to manipulate their slave master to behave as they want…

I want to tell you hypocritical Christian  blue eyes users,  whatever God  could not protect for you nor  give you.
Nither Angela Nwosu nor Jaruma blue eyes can do that for you…
Protection is of the lord people, and every good gift comes from God. If you want to be a traditionalist be that in peace and don’t confuse yourself.

Ask your grandparents that where deeply  involved  in such, what they achieved and how far they were able to go with that…

While they were busy  buying charms and burying shits on the ground, reasonable grandparents were setting the right part for their descendants, this is why you were  left behind..
but it’s a shame, you are here today, still travelling the same path with them…
What a waste!!

First of all, tell them to sell you a charm to unlock your senses before you can charm anyone.”