Manish Choudhari joins Google as Software Engineer

To every worker, there’s a payday. Fast rising Indian blogger identified as Manish Choudhari has excitedly announced his appointment as a software engineer with world tech giant, Google.

The blogger whose current auto-biography on LinkedIn reads, “Software Engineer at Google | Ex-Salesforce | Youtuber and Blogger @” took to the social media platform to say;

“I’m extremely excited to announce that after long and rigorous rounds of interviews, I’ve joined Google as a Software Engineer. 🎉🎉

“~ Do it with your passion or not at all ~

“A big thank you to all the people who have been the guiding lights and helped me throughout the process. Now its time for me to do the same.

“If anybody out there is interested in Software/Salesforce Engineer and/or Google, please connect with me on youtube where I’ll be sharing all the methods & resources that I used to land all my offers.”

Manish Choudhari
Manish Choudhari (LinkedIn)

Upon making necessary enquiry and thorough investigation, we at gathered that Manish Choudhari has the following skills;

  1. Certified Developer
  2. Core Java
  3. Android Development
  4. Selenium WebDriver
  5. Oracle Certification Program (OCP)
  6. Java Certified Programmer
  7. Apex Programming
  8. Visualforce Pages
  9. MySQL
  10. AndroidSDK
  11. Android Studio
  12. Eclipse

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