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Manifold Gauge is one of the most commonly used device in air-conditioning systems like aircon and chiller units – Functions

Manifold Gauge — Uses And Functions

The blue side of the gauge is call the low side and connected to the suction pipe while the red side of the gauge also known as high side is connected to the discharge pipe.

By closing the valves on both the low and high side of the gauge, a pressure will be exerted on them and the maintenance personnel will be able to determine the refrigerant that is currently existing on the aircon system.

In addition to reading the pressure, the temperature can also be determine on both the suction and discharge pipe from the gauge.

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In general, every suction and discharge pipe would have a certain range of pressure and temperature reading for different aircon systems.

If the pressure and temperature is off, it could signify a lack or overcharge of refrigerant.

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