Man Who’s Always On Skirts And Heels But Doesn’t Wear Trousers Or Shorts (Photos)

German-based American who’s a robotic engineer identified as Mark Bryan, has gone viral over his mode of dressing to work and occasions.


He almost always wears a skirt and heels while he goes to work, to the town, and even at home. And let’s just say he looks absolutely fabulous while he does.

Mark Bryan as gathered by Mentorslinks, has been happily married for 11 years and gets full support from his wife and family.

According to him, “My wife often makes suggestions on what I should wear, and my daughter wishes she could borrow my shoes at times.”

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He also described how people react to him, stating that women around the age of 30 to 40, usually give him compliments.

But, men make comments or ask questions, and usually won’t compliment his appearance.

See photos of Mark Bryan;

Man Who's Always On Skirts And Heels But Doesn't Wear Trousers Or Shorts (Photos)