Man who looted fridge loses his bike to another looter, then gets arrested for looting the fridge (Photos)

A vibrant young Nigerian man man who took part in the invasion of an electronic store in Osun state to loot items met an unfortunate fate as he lost his bike to another looter while trying to loot a refrigerator.

Abdullahi was excited to be going home with a new refrigerator however, what he did not anticipate was that he would lose his bike and the fridge.

After carrying the fridge, he was eventually caught and had to return it, leaving him high and dry, but after seeing that he was unsuccessful with the loot, Abdullahi was let off the hook by security personnel.

A Twitter user who shared the story wrote;

“This guy Abdullahi from Ede went to steal a deep freezer at SRJ store,but unfortunately for him b4 he could come out from the store where he went to steal freezer,his motorcycle Bajaj had been stolen by another thief.

“The deep freezer had been recovered & he was left off the hook.”

See photos below;