Man seeks Divorce of 30-Year Marriage after ‘Holy Spirit’ got Wife Pregnant

Divorce is the legal dissolution of a Marriage by a law Court or other competent body.

Claver Simoonga who hails from Zambia has asked the court to dissolve his marriage of 30 years after being denied s*x by his wife, allegedly on the instructions of her prophet.

The Zambian man said that his wife, Maureen Macha, 58, of Kabanana, has been denying him his conjugal rights from July 2020.

He told the court that a prophet instructed her not to have intercourse with him because she was pregnant by the Holy Spirit.

Claver Simoonga said, “Problems in our marriage started in 2018 when my wife started going to some prophet who told her that she should not be sleeping with me on the pretext that she was pregnant by the Holy Spirit.

“My wife stopped performing her duties and started listening to the prophet more than me.”

According to him, the wife, Maureen Macha used to tell him that she needed to consult the Prophet every time he asked for s*x from her.

The couple got married in 1990 and has two children together.