Man Reportedly Kills Parents After Dad Asks Him To Walk Dog

A 30-year-old Italian bodybuilder has confessed to killing his parents — after being asked to get out of bed and take the dog out for a walk, according to reports.

Man Reportedly Kills Parents After Dad Asks Him To Walk Dog

Benno Neumair admitted to police that he murdered his mother, Laura Perselli, 63, and father, Peter Neumair, 68, in the northern city of Bolzano in January, the Italian news agency Ansa reported.

The buff son claimed his dad accused him of “being a failure” during a row, according to the Daily Star. The elder Neumair reportedly accused Benno, who had fallen asleep after playing on his computer, of not doing his share of household chores, including walking the pooch, according to the news outlet.

He allegedly strangled his father to “shut him up.”

“I took the first climbing rope I found from the plastic tray of my tools,” Benno said, according to police. We were in the hallway and we fell together on the ground. I just remember that I squeezed very tightly,” he continued.

Benno said that when his mother returned home soon after, he strangled her with the same rope.

“I did it without even saying goodbye,” he reportedly told investigators. He then allegedly threw his parents’ bodies off a bridge into the Adige River.

Perselli’s body was recovered with signs of strangulation. The father’s body has not been found. Neumair was arrested Jan. 29, about three weeks after his parents disappeared, according to Ansa.

He is being held on charges of murder and body concealment.


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