Man narrates how he stormed police station with soldiers after disbanded SARS operatives arrested his PA

A man identified as Papi Wemba has narrated how operatives of the now-defunct Special Anti-Robbery Squad, SARS arrested his PA and the ensuing drama that followed.

According to the narrator, the incident happened on Friday, 23rd October, 2020. He said SARS officers picked up his PA around Adekunle as he was heading to the hospital, that after showing the officers his pass and doctor’s letter, they immediately arrested him and accused him of leading the thugs that invaded the Oba of Lagos’ Palace.

Wemba went further to reveal that when his PA eventually got an opportunity to call him, he swiftly informed his PA’s father who has military connections and they stormed the police station with army trucks to release him.

Read the story as written below:

“Men of @PoliceNG precisely #SARS! Picked up my PA today around Adekunle when he was driving to attend to a health emergency. He showed them his pass and doctor’s letter. They arrested him and said he was the leader of the thugs that invaded the Oba’s palac

“This happened today! 23rd of October 2020. They took him to Adekunle police station, removed his plate numbers, seized his phones and prepared a letter for transfer to kirikiri.

“Luckily the DPO saw him in the cell allowed him make 1 phone call and that’s how…

“That’s how we bombarded the police station with army trucks!

“These men of the anti cult unit / SARS lied that he wasn’t there. Thank God we could recognize his car. After an hour of threats they brought him out.

“Please be careful out there…

“We have prepared our law suit! and we plan on arresting these officers too. They planted a pistol in the car! Just imagine he didn’t have a father with military support and connections.”