Man Commits Suicide After Discovering His Four Daughters Belong To His Former Neighbor

In a recent trending story, a vibrant young lady has narrated how a married man committed suicide after discovering that the four children (daughters) he has been training, were actually not fathered by him.

It appears that the new year 2021 awakened the consciousness of many men to start embarking on running DNA test on their children to ascertain if they’re actually the biological father.

The lady who was seeking help and advised explained that her mother had an 11-year extra-marital affair with one of his father’s friend, which produced all the four children, she bore for him.

According to her, upon her father discovering this, he went and hung himself.

See the screenshots of the lady’s story;


This is coming after a 45-year-old man, Tunde Thomas, well known as Tunde Gentle, reportedly died from heartbreak on discovering that the two kids from his marriage were fathered by the current MD of FCMB, Adam Nuru who was his Wife’s Boss.

Mentorslinks confirmed that, Tunde’s Wife, Moyo Thomas (Nee Ojo) was engaged in an office romance with her MD, a relationship that was well known to all in the bank.

Tunde Thomas with the two kids
Tunde Thomas with the two kids

Happily married Billionaire Nuhu, while he got carried away in fornicating with Moyo, spared no thought for Tunde who was bringing up the two children he thought belonged to him.

Those in the know say Tunde was so in love with and attached to his wife and children that he spent most of his resources on them. He took them to London and Dubai on holidays. He also spared no penny in putting the kids in the best schools. Full Story here.