Lovers Since 1999 Finally Shares Pre-wedding Photos

A couple who have reportedly been in a relationship for 21 years recently got married and their photos shared online went viral.


Throwback pictures of the pair who started dating in 1999 and recent pre-wedding photos have stunned social media users who took interest in their age-long relationship.

A look at the old photos shows that they have been together since their school days.

A Facebook user identified as Austine Bassey, shared the photos of the couple and commended them for their patience with the caption;

“Congratulations brother..! Is good to be patience because nothing good comes easily, my regards to your wife to be! She’s in deed your own.”

Social media users were surprised that the lovebirds have been dating for 21 years and congratulated them for finally taking their relationship to the next level.

Throwback And Pre-wedding Photos Of Couple Who Have Been Dating Since 1999


Lovers Since 1999

Lovers Since 1999 Goes Viral

Lovers Since 1999 Goes Viral - Photos

Lovers Dating Since 1999 Goes Viral - Photos

Lovers Dating Since 1999 - Photos

Lovers Dating Since 1999 - Photos Goes Viral