Lip Disc In Some Parts Of Africa – Photos

Lip Disc is a form of body modification considered fashionable and beautiful in some parts of Africa such as Ethiopia, Chad, Tanzania and Mozambique.

Lip Disc In Some Parts Of Africa - Photos

Ethiopia : Among the surma and Mursi people of the lower Omo river valley in Ethiopia, about 6 to 12 months before marriage, a young woman has her lip pierced by her mother or one of her kinswomen usually at the ages of 15 to 18.

The Process: The two lower teeth are knocked out(usually by a rock) and a slit is made in their lower lip in which a small wooden plug is Inserted. This plug is however replaced by a larger one until the lip is stretched enough to hold a clay plate.

°Many sources have suggested that the plate size was a sign of social or economical importance in some tribes, because the lip disc makes talking difficult, women only wear them in the company of men but remove them to eat and sleep or when they’re in the company of women or children.


The culture is mostly likely to go into extinction in Ethiopia as some African countries don’t practice it anymore.

Edit: Lip disc is also a way of getting the whiteman out of their villages so as to avoid being enslaved. The whites felt irritated by the body modification and were forced to leave the villages.