LinkedIn Users: Here’s Why You Need A Career Coach

Career Coach On LinkedIn: Follow content creators, not about influencers — Faith Nwaobia (LinkedIn User)

You need a coach here! Here’s why?


I remember vividly a post I made  when I started newly here. Expressing my desperation to get a job. No one liked the post. Of course no comment. After some days, Nicoleta liked my post and reshared the post. It was the best gift I got. She was too kind.


But something was lacking, I hadn’t build any relationship. It was just about me. I was yet to add any value, to understand how the platform works.


After two months, I noticed I was doing it wrongly. After I got coached by Sohaib and began following amazing folks like Talal Cory, Brett S. Brody, Dino, Rana, Michael David Ndubuisi, etc.


A new world of opportunities started opening…… Referrals came….Fabien Ghys, gave me my first unsolicited recommendation. In one year, I have had various coaches and mentors for different reasons.


Gradually my career prospects here was already set in the right direction. Above all the God factor isn’t silent.


That can happen to you too as you begin your career journey here. Get a coach. Follow content creators., not about influencers.


Written BY: Faith Nwaobia (Social Selling Consultant | LinkedIn Brand Strategist | Content Writer | Coach | B2B & B2C Consultant | Keynote Speaker)

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