LinkedIn Influencer, Kirsty Bonner reportedly Dead – Management

Top-notch LinkedIn Influential personality, Kirsty Bonner is dead as reported by her management.

Kirsty Bonner before her demise is a well known Career Advisor and Content Advisor, a LinkedIn user identified as Elvi Caperonis wrote; “So sad to hear the news about Kristy Bonner. My most sincere condolences to her LinkedIn followers, family, and friends. This life is very short, do the best you can to make an impact in other people’s lives while you are STILL alive. This world is all about PEOPLE. R.I.P Kirsty Bonner #people #kristybonner #sadness”

Below is the official statement released by  Kirsty Bonner’s Management Board regards to her demise;

LinkedIn Influencer, Kirsty Bonner reportedly Dead - Management
Photo: Kirsty Bonner

“A message from Mark Schreiber concerning Kirsty Bonner (Published on August 28, 2020)

To her friends, colleagues and followers, it is with great sadness that I announce the passing of a very special person. I apologise for posting the news this way but it seems the most appropriate.

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My dear friend Kirsty Bonner left us peacefully early this morning after a battle to save her life. Her sad and repeated attempts to stop the deep pain and personal suffering brought about by post traumatic stress (PTSD) finally succeeded.

Kirsty never wanted this. She wanted life. To live, love, laugh and enjoy. She was so angry that PTSD sometimes had her in its grasp. She hated when she could not control it. She did everything she could to talk about it, engage professional help, seek the support of friends, put in place early warning mechanisms to beat it and backstop arrangements when it had the upper hand. She understood the suffering PTSD brought and she knew its capability to wreak tragic sadness and loss for the friends and family left behind. She fought.

Kirsty did not give up. PTSD finally – and unexpectedly – beat her. She was doing so well. I can only imagine she was caught off guard. Please be in no doubt – Kirsty would not wish for any sufferer of mental health issues to think for a moment that this is the solution rather than to seek help and support in the pursuit of happiness.

Many of you will know Kirsty by her highly regarded, idiosyncratic, honest and actionable jobseeking posts, where for years she used her (transferable) skills, style and incredible reach to help as many people as her posts could find. She did this selflessly. She only cared about paying her bills and transforming desperate job-seekers into gainful employees. She loved that her posts created a respectful, supportive and polite community of LinkedIn jobseekers willing to share their knowledge and experience with each other. She brimmed with happiness every time a client or a LinkedIn follower got an interview or a job (her conversion rate was off the chart).

She was supremely generous. She gave away more to charity than most people earn in a lifetime. As my knowledge of her grew, I repeatedly saw for myself how the large compliments paid to her turned out to be completely justified.

Being with her was never calming. She was a force of nature. She spoke rapidly with conviction and passion – whether it was about the broken recruitment market or picking up a bargain in a store. She cared for people. And if you could get a word in, she’d listen. She never assumed she couldn’t be wrong. Her energy was infectious and targeted, as her clients receiving a pre-interview pep talk will testify. She defined ‘impact’.

Only days ago, we spoke of her happy plans for the future. She wanted to take up teaching or lecturing. She wanted to find more effective ways of helping jobseekers. We spoke about getting her a dog. A bite to eat at her favourite local haunt. And to come and visit us.

Today is a very sad day for those of us who know and love Kirsty and for those who have been touched by her. We have tried to contact as many of Kirsty’s close friends as we could find. If we have missed anyone out, no hurt was intended.

Kirsty, you leave a massive void, my friend. Rest peacefully.


#KB #kbbykirstybonner”

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