LinkedIn Entrepreneur, Tony Abbacchi, Shares His Impactful Life Changing Story

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A vibrant young man identified as Tony Abbacchi on LinkedIn has shared his impactful life changing story on the platform.

The chap, Tony Abbacchi who went to California Coast University is a Search and Programmatic Marketer, Eccentric Entrepreneur, Leadership Aficionado, Martial Artist and Enemy Of The Status Quo as depicted on his LinkedIn profile.

Below is the story shared by Tony Abbacchi on LinkedIn;


When I was 19, I learned a valuable lesson.

I became friends with a guy I met at the gym, Mike. We were both young Dads.

Him a boxer, myself a martial artist.

It wasn’t long before we boxed.
I remember looking at him before we fought.

He had an appearance many would be intimidated by.

And, I likely would have as well if I hadn’t lived the life I lived.

He was about six foot tall and on his throat was a scar from one side to the other from his own brother trying to take his life, covered in gang tattoos.

I remember the first time we sparred.
I TKO’d him in the second round.

When I was helping him up, the look on his face was priceless. You could tell he expected things to go differently.

Listen, regardless of if you’re facing:

👉 The loss of a job
👉 Financial challenges
👉 Mental health issues
👉 The failure of a business

Know that what looks like it should be intimidating, isn’t as strong as you think when you aggressively engage it with everything you’ve got.

Many of your struggles are powerful because you give them power for free in one swift move of self sabotage because the fear that whispers in your ear has been given a louder voice than the courage that’s whispering in your other ear.

Winning life’s battles?
It’s all in the voice you listen to.

Below is a super thunderous note he shared earlier on his page;

My story begins growing up as the child of two entrepreneurs that started a paging company out of a janitor’s closet the day after I was born. That company grew into a multi-million dollar business with thousands of customers. It also ripped my family apart and threw me into the roller coaster ride I’m living today.

By the time I was 17 I had almost died 3 times and was a certified expert in making bad decisions. And, for a while I let pain, fear and my past call the shots. However, I always had a dream that pointed me to my true north. That dream was entrepreneurship.

Fast forward and I’m working for a Fortune 500 company as a full time slave. Years later, I’m working with another Fortune company, this time in a leadership role. This is where I was supposed to feel fulfilled. After all, I was a success, right?

The truth is I hated every day of my corporate career. So, I began my entrepreneurial journey like any sensible person, with 2 failed start-ups. Why? I had the best plans to be the greatest planner who ever planned.

Soon after, I reinvented myself.

I learned to get out of my own way, ditch the “woe is me” mindset and fell in love with action. Then, I founded Uplift Marketing, a digital agency focused on search, social and programmatic advertising. Finally, I had a successful business. I sighed and said “I’ve arrived”. I was wrong.

I was putting in 17 hour work days, experienced health issues and had myself convinced I was too busy to live. That brick wall held some lessons.

My present day truth is that 1% of life actually matters and to be happy we have to cut out the other 99% that holds us down.

The Goals?

🔹To influence other entrepreneurs to live better lives and be better leaders.
🔹To write for Forbes
🔹To deliver a TedTalk
🔹To be a LinkedIn Top Voice

What I stand for:

✔️ Being a source of strength for the weak
✔️ Healing the broken as I was once broken
✔️ Giving without expectations

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