LinkedIn: 11 Reasons Why Managers Are Like Parents

In today’s Job Hunting article by Brian Baptista on LinkedIn, we’ll be publicizing the 11 Reasons Why Managers Are Like Parents.

There are some real reasons why managers and parents are very similar:

  1. Both only care about it if YOU are late.

  2. Both are convinced that they are RIGHT most of the times.

  3. Both expect you to be the BEST at all times.

  4. Both take too LONG when they want to explain something very simple.

  5. Both CHECK up on you, often when you do not want or need it.

article by Brian Baptista on LinkedIn,
Photo: Brian Baptista on LinkedIn
  1. Both expect a FULL report after every task.

  2. Both tell you that making a MISTAKE is okay, but you know that they will remember that mistake FOREVER.

  3. Both feel that they have a POWER over you, but you do what you can to decrease it.

  4. Both ask you a ton of QUESTIONS, even when they should know the answer to them.

  5. Both seem to have an invisible RADAR that finds out if you have tried to hide something.

  6. Both always tell you about a vital life changing element at the very LAST minute or too late.

The above is written with a smile 🙂 We LOVE our parents (and our managers too)!

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