How To Make Money On Facebook Via Video Monetization And Instant Article

Facebook Video Monetization
Facebook Instant Articles

Here are online legit job opportunities on facebook. Only few number of people are aware of legal methods of making money in the internet, and those who do not know should read.


Every guy must not do cyber fraud, because the possibility of making money from it is declining speedily due to the teeming number of jobless youths following that route on daily basis and a corresponding decline of mugu in the Western/Asian world due to government awareness creation about the illegal activities. So, chances of making money easily from yahoo is thin and highly dependent on luck.



Every girl you see out there is either a fashion designer, into cosmetics or selling one organic products or clothes and shoes. Out of over a thousand businesses / jobs in our environment our girls decided to choose only 4 (apart from white collar jobs). Since almost every girl is a fashion designer I am wondering who is going to be their customers, so the possibility of making money from these 4 jobs as a lady is becoming thiner by the day.



So let’s ponder on these two legitimate ways to make money on Facebook through Video Monetization And Instant Article:





I would be writing about video monetization on this section. Just like the name implies, video monetization is the act of producing unique videos and uploading it on your Facebook page for Facebook to place adverts on it. Your payment depends entirely on the money generated from adverts placed on your video. This adverts appear on every video you place on your page as far as your page has qualified for monetization. This is how Emmanuella of Mark Angel Comesy makes her money legitimately, but the difference is that you are using Facebook while she is using YouTube.





1. You MUST have at least 200,000 active followers on your Facebook page.

2. You must be creative enough to create unique videos. Yes! Videos that has never been uploaded anywhere on the web. In this very case you have to choose a niche and focus on it, your creativity must be something that will always keep your followers busy and satisfied,make them addicted even.


You could earn upto $100 daily from it. Someone may be asking why I myself don’t have cars and houses since I am making this amount a day. Here is the reason; just like every other legit business, it requires time and effort to grow. Since your profit here depends on views then your views depends on the number of followers you have on Facebook your page. Hope you understand better now?



Growing a huge amount of active followers on Facebook is not an easy task. For example; someone who has above 5 million followers is sure to be making above $100 daily. Getting that very 5 million followers is likely to take you up 4 or 5 years depending the effort invested. Take a good look at pages like Gossip Mill Nigeria had over 10 million followers, but was created around 2014 so is other pages like yabaLeftOnline and Legit.NG.



You see! It takes time to grow just like normal businesses, so if I tell you that you will make $100 from this work, I am not lying, but before it starts happening you will go broke, go hungry, be lonely,, your girl will leave you and no woman will accept to date you, you will be depressed and will be nearly giving up, because it is a legit business that depends on your efforts and not cyber fraud that depends on luck. Your output will always correspond to your input.



Facebook Instant Article: 


Facebook Instant Articles was introduced in year 2015. It is a mobile publishing format that enables news publishers to distribute articles through the Facebook app and earn money through advert placement. The major difference between video monetization and instant article is that video and article is involved in the separate business while the similarity here is that Facebook is going to put adverts on both.





1. You must have a Facebook page that has an already established audience, for me an audience as large as 500,000 followers is enough to begin with.


2. You must have a website that has at least 10 unique articles that has received a great amount of traffic from your page before requesting for approval from Facebook.



Instant article is far easier than video monetization because it does not require much creativity and you may never run out of Content. All you need to do is find news, write about the event and put in your website, copy the link and post on your page, adverts sponsored by Facebook will automatically appear on them and you start making money.



But the most difficult task here is that you need a page that is as big as 500,000 followers to start because money is made when these followers flood your article through your Facebook page.