Leadership: True Leaders’ Perfectly Defined

True leaders do not care about their own title or followers. They want EVERYONE around them to excel and become the best leaders that they can be!

In my previous work I had a manager who cared more about taking credit for other people’s work and augmenting his own title to EVP. He wanted the staff to follow his instructions but he never helped them to excel or improve their work. He did not like the idea of promoting anyone.

The result was a staff that was not loyal to him or the company. The best workers left and the remaining staff are constantly seeking employment elsewhere.

I am thankful for all the great leaders here on LinkedIn. I see you:

♦️Being open to help other people.
♦️Sharing what has helped them find success.
♦️Using their platform to connect people with opportunities.

Credit: Rachel Mitchell (Executive Producer TV/Documentaries theLONGEVITYseries.com – BUILTinAMERICA.tv – Director of Programming)

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