Leadership Tips: Reason Why Companies Should Officiate Appointment Of Coronavirus Coordinator

Matters Arising on Leadership Tip: Why Appointing A CORONOVIRUS COORDINATOR Is Good

See the reasons why it’s essential to Officiate the appointment of A CORONOVIRUS COORDINATOR In Every organization, Firm, Industry.


Mentorslinks through Paris Cutler (3rdFounder – Blue Sky 77 | 5 x Author | Educator | Blue Ocean 🌊 Business and Career Strategist | I help executives, entrepreneurs and companies to identify and realise their greatness.Paris CutlerSydney, 500+ connections) gathered the following;


  • Because as a leader, you need to focus on your BUSINESS strategy moving forward in the next coming days, weeks, and months.
  • As an entrepreneur who survived the GFC by the skin of my teeth, I know from experience that the next months and year will take everything you’ve got.
  • You will need to be prudent, brave, ingenious, and strategic, and FOCUS on protecting your business and employees.
  • Therefore get real. You cannot do everything. You cannot manage the business and an epidemic crisis response at the same time So if you have not already done so, it’s time to delegate.
  • The person you delegate this to will be responsible, calm, a project manager, and a pro at communication. I would suggest either someone in your existing team or external communications/HR specialist (Please DM if you need one). In the coming weeks, I will be posting every day to offer support and TIPS FOR HOW TO THRIVE in an economic downturn.
  • However, if you need my help or assistance or just a friend please do not hesitate to reach out 🤗.



Please find an article in the comments that outlines the role and responsibilities of a ‘Coronovirus Coordinator.’ Thoughts? #entrepreneur #business #smallbusiness #pariscutler

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