Editorial: Lateness, An Opportunity Denier

Lateness to meetings, interviews, lectures, engagements and offices has been detected to be a culture among Nigerians. This ideology and sense of reasoning was observed to have taken its root from our popular saying, “AFRICAN TIME”. If one is being equipped with certain knowledge about how disastrous engaging in LATENESS can actually be, one must desist from it totally.


A young man of, at about, 27 years old heard about a certain recruitment going on in the country. Being qualified for application, he was approved and invited for interview session with the management of the company. This interview, having more 200 approved applicants, was scheduled to commence by 8:00am in a certain day.


That faithful day, this young man woke up and started procrastination in morning duties. Having the AFRICAN TIME mindset, he arrived at the venue, 8:10am. Unfortunately, he was the first person to be interviewed. When he made enquiry from colleagues, the information was: “Once your name is being called and you are absent, forget about the opportunity”. All efforts made by this young man to assess his own interview session with the management of the company, were all in vain. Disgracefully, shamefully and sluggishly, he went home.


After three days, the interview result came out. Guess what? Based on qualification; Certification, Work experience and CV, the young man was rated the number one. Assuming he was interviewed, there’s 85% possibility of him getting the job. But unfortunately, he lost the job, naturally programmed for him, just because of LATENESS.


Self discipline is not only when you desist from immorality and evil acts, but also when you keep to time in all your doings. Learn how to keep to time. Avoid lateness and always be punctual in all your engagements.

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WisTab Uzoma

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