Lady who saved N1,000 daily for 30days, shocked to see N2,000 only upon opening her Piggy Bank

Lady In Tears After Opening Her Piggy Bank Where She Saved N1,000 Daily For 30Days To See N2,000 Only.

The lady with the username Elser Yingawuni Ibrahim, shared her story on a Facebook Group named Match Maker which is owned by Francis Van-Lare.

In her words;

“See enhhh….I’m in severe pain right now….I had this piggy bank since january and I religiously put 1k from 1st-30th January…meaning I had 30k inside….I now just dumped it aside and never dropped anything inside again because I started other contributions in February… I was broke and decided to open it so dat I will just use d 30k inside oh.
People of God,see what I found inside….2k…I dont know weather to cry or just shout….
Has anyone experienced this before? Because this thing I’m looking at want to turn me to mad person here….not now dat things are hard….😭😭😭😭😭😭😭”

Lady who saved N1k daily for 30days, shocked to see N2k only upon opening her Piggy Bank