Lady Reveals Why Getting Married To Married Man Is Best

A Nigerian lady who is also a Muslim, has fearlessly tweeted that getting along with married men is the best for single ladies.


The lady simply identified as Safiyyat, outrightly thrown her weight behind having a polygamous family, stating that it has more benefits.

She said that getting married to a man who is already married is the best thing because you not only get a husband but you also get a sister.

Safiyyat tweeted: “Getting married to a married man is the best thing because it comes with a bonus a husband and a sister.”

Meanwhile, some Muslim Women who begged to disagree, told her to go ahead if that’s what she wants, but asked her not to try selling it to other women.

Lady Reveals Why Getting Married To Married Man Is Best

In a related story, a Nigerian lady simply known as Favez has taken to social media to reveal the type of men that make the best husband.

According to her, men who do not take any form of alcohol happen to be the best husbands ever.

Sharing her thoughts via her handle @Fahvy2_ revealed that men who don’t take alcohol reliable, and readily available whenever you need them.

She added that they don’t keep late nights except on a serious occasion because they put their families first.

She further stated that such men always see weekends as opportunity to have time for themselves and their families, adding that they see spending lavishly as unwise, unlike their counterparts who abuse alcohol, thinking weekends are always meant for drinking and spending money in the name of enjoyment.

The young lady heaped more praises on men who do not consume alcohol, saying that they will never blame their wives no matter what the mistake they make, or shout for no reason.