Lady Gets Married Three Months After Surviving #Heartbreak When Her Boyfriend Of Four Years Dumped Her

Lady gets married three months after her boyfriend of four years dumped her

Truly, once there is life, hope thrives. A vibrant young lady who survived heartbreak when her boyfriend of four years dumped her is a living testimony here.

The lady was apparently dating the young man for about four years then out of the blues, her man said he would like to call the relationship a quit, so they broke up.

As opposed to feeling depressed and heartbroken, she went in search of love again and as fate would have it, the lady got married to another man, three months after her relationship of four years crashed.

Nigerian celebrity photographer and former reality TV contestant, Uche with the twitter handle @visualsbyuche, shared the story via a tweet.

“This babe has been dating this guy for like 4years then the guy said he wanted a break and I kid you not 3months later this babe is fully married. I have so many questions!” she wrote.

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