Lady calls out her pastor who’s also her ex-boyfriend, for allegedly raping her

In a fresh viral story on twitter, a South African lady, has taken to the street of Twitter to call out her pastor, who is also her ex boyfriend for allegedly raping her.

The Twitter user with username @zinchle2 revealed that she decided to publicly accuse the pastor, because she didn’t get any support from her church after the incident happened.

She noted that she reported the incident to the church,  but nothing was done. She also opened a case but the prosecutor asked why she wants to arrest her pastor.

According to Zinchle, communities, law and churches fail women when it comes to gender based violence.

Narrating the ordeal, she said  she went into a relationship with the pastor , and made it clear from the beginning that she doesn’t believe in sex before marriage and the boyfriend agreed.

She noted that she was still a virgin at the time, however, one night, when she stayed over at his house, he allegedly raped her.

In her words,

“So we once spent a night together. He didn’t seem to have a problem, he respected my body. 2nd time we chilled together. When we got into the room we kissed since we were in a relationship…undressed but he knew he wouldn’t penetrate…next thing he is being forceful, maybe cause of being intoxicated, “I don’t drink alcohol”. He started hitting my thighs and penetrated me forcefully. I was in tears. HE RAPED ME (28th of April 2019).

“As I am a member of @OasisChurchza , I reported the case to them since he is a pastor at their church. I didn’t get the support I was expecting. I kept on going to different people to get my matter attended to. I opened the case but the prosecutor @shainaNadioo asked me, “Why are you arresting your Pastor?” and also said my case is weak so…it didn’t make it court.

“I didn’t receive the support I was expecting. I served in multiple ministries in the church, one of them being LADIES COMMITEE but not even one lady got close to me and supported me.

“Our communities. Law, Churches… They fail us when it comes to #GenderBasedViolence. We really need people who will stand firm”, She added.

See screenshot of Tweet below;


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