Ladies Before You Ask Suitors ‘Can You Afford Me’, Read This Piece

Notable Writer and Social Media influencer ‘Kalu Grace Owoukazi’, popularly known as LadyG had taken to her Facebook page to write on the statement making waves among ladies when a suitor is coming their way.

Kalu Grace Owoukazi (LadyG) 

In her post titled “CAN YOU AFFORD ME?”, She wrote:


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“It’s funny when I hear some ladies mention words like “can you afford me” and the people making these comments actually don’t understand what makes a lady expensive.”


“Yes, a Lady has a price. But that price isn’t MONEYtery. It’s VALUEtery. Jesus didn’t die on the cross for you because he wanted to sleep with you. He died because you were of value (useful to him and the kingdom)”


“A Lady isn’t expensive because she’s a Woman, has 2 Breasts and a Vagina. It’s just like saying because I’m a Man, and Men are scarce, then I’m expensive.”


When as a Lady you conclude that you are something a Man should be Rich to afford, you are reducing yourself to a commodity for sale, You make yourself into something a Man pays to OWN. He could afford you in terms of having enough money, that’s why you are with him.”


“You open up yourself to a Relationship prone to abuse, where you have no respect or voice, because he’s PAYING and that’s why you are STAYING, remember “he who pays the piper dictates the tune.” You blind yourself to the fact that there’s greatness inside of you as well. You reinforce the idea that a Woman is good for nothing other than her body parts.”


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“The Prov 31 Woman is priceless not because she’s a Woman but because she’s a VIRTUOUS Woman, and Virtuousness is scarce. Women are not scarce…. They are in fact in excess.  VALUABLE WOMEN on the other hand are scarce.. And will remain scarce till Jesus comes.”


“As a Lady, before you say I am expensive, and ask a Suitor if he can afford you, please remind yourself the Value you have to offer him too. Not just body parts and S*x. As a Lady;


  1. Do you have Spiritual Value? Can you pray?
  2. Do you have Financial Value? Can you make money?
  3. Do you have Mental/Intellectual value? Do you have sense?
  4. Do you have Emotional Value? Can you keep a Home?


“How expensive you are depends on the answers to the above, not on the size of your chest and shape of your waist.”


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