Kogi Governor Exposes Politicians Supporting Insecurity

Regarding the rise of insecurity in Nigeria, the executive Governor of Kogi State, Yahaya Bello, has said some politicians were frustrating the war against insecurity by the President Muhammadu Buhari-led administration.

Kogi State Governor, Yahaya Bello
Yahaya Bello (Kogi State Governor)

The Governor, Yahaya Bello claimed that, they were politicising insecurity for selfish political and economic gains, Mentorslinks.com confirmed from Vanguard.

He said this in a statement by his Chief Press Secretary, where he also congratulated the President, Kastina State Government, parents and families of the recently released kidnapped schoolboys, and the Nigeria Army for their swift response.

Governor Yahaya Bello charged heads of security agencies in the country to act professionally and expose these persons sabotaging security efforts so they can face the full wrath of the law and be known for who they truly are.

He noted that the actions of those involved was targeted at pitching Nigerians against the administration of President Buhari and that of the All Progressive Congress, APC, portraying both as a bad government and political party.

The governor affirmed that the security situations of the country post-2015 cannot be compared to the current situation being experienced in the nation, as many of the recent occurrences have become political plots to label President Buhari’s government as not effective.

He also admonished his colleague governors of either the APC or the PDP to rise up to the occasion and ensure that they secured their individual state which would translate into a secured nation, adding that anyone belonging to any political party, causing mayhem must be exposed.

He mentioned that similar individuals were also involved in playing politics with the lives of the citizens of the country under the guise of Covid-19 and were already scheming to import vaccines and enforce people of the country to be vaccinated against their wish.

The governor reiterated that another form of lockdown would cripple to nation’s economy and have huge negative effect on the less-privileged in the country.

He warned that if leaders could not give the people what was due to them, they should not deny them of their freedom and livelihood.

He challenged anyone who wanted to fault his claims to speak up as such persons would be confronted with undoubtable and proven facts.