#JOBS: Why Companies Hire People With ‘Zero Experience’

Shaneé Moret on LinkedIn narrates why they hired a Job seeker with zero experience

JOB Seekers, this article will be of great benefit. This was shared by a hardworking and super unique female LinkedIn family member, Shaneé Moret.


According to her;


“We just gave someone with zero experience an opportunity. Here’s why…

“They arrived on-time for their early morning Zoom interview (respect ✊), dressed professionally, sat in an area of their home with good lighting and wore a headset (we could hear her clearly).


“As the interview went on, they smiled, looked into the camera, and were honest about their level of experience. But they also had a list of proficient questions to ask us.

The one I liked most was that wanted to know our preferred style of communication for work progress and delivery so they could work aligned with that.


“To all the hiring decision-makers out there, please don’t reject someone because they don’t have “experience.” Take special note of who the candidate who shows up with a positive attitude.


“The right person for your team can develop skills and experience with your guidance. More “experience” does not guarantee a harder work ethic or a better fit for your company. Sometimes the candidate with little to no experience is the better fit because they are humble and hungry to learn.


“All they need is someone like you to give them a chance to prove themself. Be the person that gives someone the chance they’ve been waiting for.


“Be a leader that creates leaders.#shaneemoret #linkedin #jobsearch”

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