List Of Items That Shouldn’t Be On Your CV

On your pursuit for getting a job. Filling application, going to offices and host of others. While going about the documentation of your CV, there are things that shouldn’t be included on it so that you won’t be denied such dream job.





Curriculum Vitae (CV) or Resume is a document which gives a professional summary of a person. Now, for a CV to be given due consideration when it is sent out, there are some items which MUST NOT be contained in
such CVs as Such items are tagged red flags.


Here Are List Of Items That Shouldn’t Be On A CV: 

The Items are as follows;


  1.  Your State Of Origin: Reasons for this is to enable the employer of labour not to get involved with any form of favoritism which may lower your chances of securing the job.
  2. Your Date of Birth: Unless the position/office which you are applying for made such requirement(s), if not – do not include it.
    3. Your Gender: Where a particular gender is not required for the position, please do not include your gender.
    4. Home Address or Location: Especially when applying
    for a position far from your residence, please do not
    include this. The reason being that most employers are
    unwilling to bear the cost of relocating you.


While applying for a job, in your CV – which other items do you think that shouldn’t be included?