Jobs, Business and Humanity in One Phase (Mentorslinks)

Dear esteemed reader, everything that has happened in your life is preparing you for what is yet to come. Keep going. We hope everyone reading this does not give up. If you keep going you will get to where you want to be someday.

Unraveling Job, Business and Humanity in One Phase. Let’s start with Jobs;

A job title doesn’t give you special powers.
Humility does. Always know that, leadership responsibilities aren’t given. They’re earned through what you do, not what you say.

Acquiring a promotion doesn’t make you special, but helping others does. Banking an annual bonus doesn’t make you happy. Making a genuine difference does.

In Business, if you don’t use any analytics tool to gather information about your customers, you’re not going anywhere with your business. If you don’t know answers to the most critical questions, you’re bound to waste your money on senseless marketing and advertising.

A good analytics platform can help you get these answers. Here’s what analytics can answer for you.

What marketing channels are driving the best users (i.e. not just the most)?

Where are our users getting stuck in our onboarding funnel?

What percentage of our users are signing up and completing a critical action?

How many of our users are coming back on a daily/weekly/monthly basis?

What attributes do our best users share?

To answer these questions, you need to be able to track a user from the moment they first learn about you to the moment they become a customer.

Do your research and find the tool that’s easy to use and gives you all the necessary info.

In Nature/Humanity, when a photographer can’t change a scene , he changes his angles and lens to capture the best of that scene.

Paris, France
Paris, France (LinkedIn)

Similarly, when you CAN’T CHANGE a situation in your life, change your PERSPECTIVE to get the BEST out of that situation.

Endeavor to be a filter, NOT a sponge. Take each day one step at a time.

The important thing is NOT how much time it takes , but how we feel when we ACHIEVE.

NEVER give up , you are doing a magnificent JOB.

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