Redefining Job Revolution From Day1 Till Date

1990’s: We got jobs by giving hard copy resumes

2000’s: We got Jobs applying on the internet

2010’s: We got jobs through social media

2020’s: Finding jobs is going to be about building your personal brand & networking

The old ways of finding jobs have changed.

Personal Brand is all about how do you differentiate from the crowd. It is how do others come to know about you. It is not about putting posts on social media that “I am looking for jobs”. It is about being known in your network for your skills. You have to be top of the mind recall among your connections.

Networking is about being connected with the right people but also helping others so that when the time comes others will help you. It is about opportunities coming to you not you going to the opportunities.

It is about building communities & networks. It is about connecting the right people together. Networks from your school, college, organisations, communities, friends, help you get connected to the right opportunities.

What is your Personal Brand?
Are you well networked?
Are opportunities coming to you?
Why not?

Credit: Sandeep Kochhar (Storyteller at bleWMinds Consulting)
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