Businesses You Can Start With Less Than $300 And Earn Big

In countries today, apart from each individuals’ income been earned through daily, weekly or monthly – other external resources that will fetch legitimate funds are always welcomed.



Here are list of Offline Businesses you can start with as low as $300 and earn big: They are as follows;


  • Launching A Sports Viewing Center: As big as the name ‘Viewing Centre’ sounds, same way the profit been made from it looks. How do you go about it? Get a shop or rather batcher, get benches (for the start), get plasma television (probably 2 or 3), go and purchase DSTV, GOTV or any other multichannel company that works better in your country. At this juncture, you’re set – also get a board which will be outside where you’ll be writing clubs that are playing.



  • Setting Up Mini Bar: This is another profitable business you can start with as low as $300 and start making a lot of money. The basic things been required is little space which can accommodate a minimum of 15 persons and maximum of 40 to 50 persons: few plastic seats, tables, plasma television (for entertaining your customers).



  •  Poultry Farming: Ye! This is the one majority do look down on, but it fetches those into it a lot of funds for upkeep and paying their bills. It’s usually not difficult to set it up – get few chicks and their food and a
    good land with enough space to contain a lot of them.


Alright, let’s hear from you all – which other profitable businesses can you startup with as low as $300 and earn big legitimately?