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JOB hunting is more than a nice looking CV or resume cover.

Your CV and interview skills are the first window into a JOB.

The question is how are you going to standout in a crowded job market?

There is so much more to success.

– From our mindset
– The way we manage time
– Critical thinking
– Emotional Intelligence
– Stress Management
– Management skills
– People skills
– Branding yourself
– Marketing yourself and so on.

It starts with a job, but doesn’t stop there. We need to learn ways of keeping up with a fast paced environment.


Always be polite to the receptionist, security guard, cleaner… their feedback can make or break your chances.

Tidy up your digital footprint. Hiring managers will check your LinkedIn and Facebook pages.

Don’t overwhelm with perfume. Keep it moderate.

Don’t badmouth your previous employer. It’s a trap you don’t want to set for yourself.

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➡️A degree doesn’t make you smart.
Self-education does.

➡️A title doesn’t make you important.
Helping others does.

➡️A job doesn’t make you secure.
Purpose does.

➡️A marriage doesn’t makes you complete
True Love does.

➡️A reputation doesn’t makes you a man
Character does.

Happy New Month Great Minds.

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As a JOB Seeker, you need to QUIT doing the following;

1. Believing you’ll never find a JOB.

2. Asking for a lower Salary.

3. Sending the same resume to all JOB Posts (Learn to update your resume/CV)

4. Being afraid of Networking.

5. Giving up.

Always know that, if there’s life, there must be hope. Quit counting yourself out! Embrace positivity.

From all of us here, we say – KEEP PUSHING & NEVER LOOSE HOPE.


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