JOB HUNT: Here’s The New CV for Automatic Employment

In time past whenever you want to get a job one of the major things you are asked to provide is your Curriculum Vitae (CV). Nowadays, it takes more than your CV to get a good job and sustain the job or jobs.



If you are aware of the ongoing economic hardship in the world today you will find out that most organisations are sacking their staff but despite the sacking of staff there are people who still work there and won’t be counted among the list of sacked staff.



The reason is because those who were sacked focused on CV and abandoned personal development. In a field as a career coach and author on the subject of the career success blueprint, I do tell my clients that if you must get a job then focus first on personal development and not just on distribution of your CV in different organizations.



Currently, employers are not looking for job seekers rather they are looking for value givers. As a fresh graduate don’t just look for CV contractors to help you polish your CV to get a high paying job rather pay a personal development coach to show you personal development principles that shows you how to become an undeniable asset that organizations can’t wait to employ and retain.



As an employee if your organization is placing a list on the notice board for people who have been sacked and you are casting and binding the devil away so you won’t be sacked then check yourself, it means you are not an asset in that organization. Successful people don’t play with assets and anytime they see an individual who is an asset personified then they do all their best to get that individual and keep him or her in their organization to grow and develop their organization.



Whenever I see fresh graduates complain that there is no job or their CV was rejected, I do ask a major question and which is do these people know that the new CV now is personal development.



Jack Ma the founder of AliBaba was rejected severally by different employers until he sat down and started working on becoming a person of value and today he is a well sought after individual. The truth is your CV is good but it is not enough, the reason many people are afraid of getting a sack letter in their work place is because they are not bringing value to that organization.



The reason why I will employ you to my company is not because you were the best student in your class but because you are a person of value and you have solutions that will benefit my company. Job seekers and employees who chat me up have one statement which they take home from me with them which is never focus on salary alone rather focus on becoming valuable to that organization and your salary will automatically increase.



Find a problem in your organization which nobody can solve and solve it then you will find out how valuable you will be to that company. The reason organizations pay you is not for coming to work daily rather it is for solving problems which the organization came into existence for and that’s why you should know the vision and mission of the company you work for.



My message to you as students, fresh graduates, job seekers, employees and corpers is that focus on building yourself into an asset which nations can’t reject. Do you want to be submitting your CV alone or you will also work on yourself so that beyond your CV you carry value to offer the organization.



Don’t just have your best on paper also carry the best inside you which the organization can’t reject. If they reject your CV which is the paper then if you have worked on yourself they won’t reject the value you carry except they don’t know what they will miss when they reject you. Pursue becoming valuable inside and not just packaging a well written CV. If you have questions you can ask me.



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