Interview ADVICE for every JOB Seeker

Happy New-Week. Please when going for a Job interview, always be polite to the receptionist, security guard, cleaner because their feedback to the employer can make or break your chances.

Also, tidy up your digital footprint. Hiring managers will check your LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook profiles and do not badmouth your previous employer.

Vacancies Available Are As Follows;

  • Accountant, Front Desk Officer, Administrative Officer, Business Development Associate, Customer Care Representative, Manager, Corporate Information, Female Sales & Marketing Representative, Sales And Marketing Executives, Company Representatives; CHECK ALL HERE!!!

Now, let’s talk Great Minds.

The e-mail has changed the way we work together, it allowed for faster, immediate communication and… irreparable mistakes.

Remember that is often better to talk to people in particular when you are not passing info, but making a point, a request or a remark.

It takes nothing to add emotional overtones and create misunderstanding.

I lost count of the time I have asked if something was initiated or done and the answer was “I have sent an e-mail to them”.

Your job is not to send an e-mail, I can do it by myself.

Talk to people in person, if not possible by the phone, the e-mail should be the last resource and only to confirm what has been said in person.

We are human after all.

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