Indecent Dressing Among The Youths (MUST READ)

Don’t allow civilization to make you go colour blind that you don’t know good and bad again…

Indecent dressing especially among the youths is widely seen and described as a social malady in the society today. It simply means deliberate exposure of one’s body to the public. This practice does not conform to the norms and values of the society, particularly the African society.


Indecent dressing is now so common in public places like in the universities, offices and even churches. Students are taking it now as a pleasure and a chance of exposing their bodies to the opposite sex. They no longer wear clothes to cover their body, instead mini-skirt, bomp-short, short gowns and even underwears are worn to school by our youths, the acclaimed leaders of tomorrow without considering the dangers that are associated with it.

This practice is the major cause of the various assaults and sexual harassments recorded in the society overtime. In the name of fashion ladies dress half-naked to functions, for instance in Nigeria bumper, shorts, armless tops, likewise the different boy styles like sagging, hot bosom, low and the likes which they claim make them appear more attractive before the opposite sex.


The increasing rate at which Nigerian youths now dress improperly is alarming and needs to be addressed urgently, as this is against the norms and principles of our society.
Hardly could anyone differentiate a lunatic perhaps a masquerade and some of our half nude sisters parading naked on the streets and degrading womanhood.


Product of mass media that are now load our youths with programmes that kept them dissolution and disenchanted from the realities of life.
Young people must know that indecent dressing styles do not improve nor add to one’s beauty; rather it dents one’s image and also shows rebellious attitude.

There is a popular saying, “Dress the way you want to be addressed.” The way one dresses determines the way he or she will be addressed. And as such if a person dresses properly and decently, such a person will attract respect and the person’s dignity will be protected. But when one is indecently dressed, he or she will attract disrespect, harassment, scandals and even rape which most of these people daily experience. Beauty is ten, nine of which is dressing.


There are many reasons why young girls come out indecently but the most important has to do with self-esteem. When a young girl feels inadequate, lacking in self-confidence, she will do anything to draw attention to herself and wearing indecent clothes could be one way of doing it. Meanwhile, they tend to forget that for every action, there is a reaction and that is why we have series of cases of rape.


No one today knows what is indecent, when you try to caution them in churches they will tell you that God looks in heart it doesn’t matter , oh yes! He ( God) look in heart no doubt I guess God was not stupid that made clothes and gave to Adam and Eve to cover their nakedness . In our schools and environment, once you correct one of his or her dressing they will ask you what you are looking at if its your body. Where are our moral values ?
I believe that indecent dressing debases womanhood because it tends to expose parts of the woman’s body that form her treasure.


Our pride as women lies in the hidden and protected treasure, but when a girl exposes it to the public, it reduces her worth in the sight of everyone in the society and makes the man to lose respect for her. Thus there won’t be anything left for the man to explore. Any man that will come after her will only be doing so out of lust, just to devour what she has displayed for him.


More so, poor parental guidance, influence from peer groups, misuse of the internet, low self-esteem, not keeping to cultural values and demonic oppression are seen as influences that cause students to leave their studies and put little and sometimes no interest in their academic, but rather go on advancing ways of dressing immorally just to attract attention.


Dressing indecently has so many effects, as such students who engage in the following activities: prostitution, robbery, lying, poor performance in school, rape and sexual harassment in the case of female students, cultism (mostly among the males, inability to complete one’s studies and worst of all, some ending up being used for ritual, are all the attendant ills.
However, there are various ways in which indecent dressing can be reduced in our society, at least, to a minimum level.


Parents should dress decently and act as role models to their children. Religious institution should always promote the culture of decent dressing. Dress codes should be introduced in higher institutions and given to all students. The mass media should do more to promote decency in dressing among youths and there should be formation of campus brigades to check the dressing patterns of students.


Africans are known for their culture and dignity, whereas the urge for Western culture is just destroying our ways of life and it is affecting our youths negatively. Those in recognized positions like celebrities should do well to exhibit good morals so that their followers can emulate better habits.


Also, in as-much as we are entitled to our own opinion, we should try to dress moderately; we should dress to our standard and not to drag our family name to the mud. Dressing decently makes you mature, responsible and loved by all because everyone appreciates good things.


Cover up!
Dress properly!
Acclaim respect to yourself!

Written By: LeeYoung.

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