“I Am Being Cursed In Mosques” – Aisha Yesufu cries out

Nigeria activist, who was at the forefront of the EndSARS protest, Aisha Yesufu has opened up on the ill treatment she gets from mosques, following her involvement in the protest.

Aisha Yesufu reveals

Aisha took to the micro-blogging platform, Twitter to reveal that Muslims take their time to rain curses on her in Mosques.

Aisha Yesufu reveals
She tweeted,

”Heard I am being cursed in mosques! People finish praying and take time out to curse me in their prayers.

“I have asked they should please let me know how many of these curses they rained on me when I was making same demands during GEJ! We are all already cursed in Nigeria.”

Similarly, during the heat of the EndSARS protest, a Nigerian man took to social media to berate, Aisha over her involvement.

According to the unidentified man, Aisha’s involvement in the protest against police brutality and extra judicial killings is a sin, and against the precepts of Islam.

The man shared an iconic photo of Aisha Yesufu, protesting with other #EndSARS protesters, and he marred it with a red sign, while criticizing her for standing up for justice.

He wrote on the photo, “Don’t be deceived by the hijab-wearing revolutionary. Islam is free from her actions.”