How/ What It Takes To Be Good Storyteller

Let’s unravel how/ what it takes to be a good (top-notch) storyteller who’ll be widely recognized in the society always

How to become an amazing Storyteller?

There are several things I lacked when I started my journey as a Storyteller.

Let me list 4 important skills

  1. Empathy – Empathy to self was missing, hence empathy towards others was not there at all. I am still nowhere close to where I would like to be, but I am learning each day. Empathy to step into the readers shoes to understand what they feel is most important for a Storyteller.

  2. Clarity of thought: I was confused most of the time, Fear & Greed held me back. I could not PICK what I wanted. There were always several thoughts running in my head. I was never blank in my head.

  3. Patience & Persistence: I had a short attention span, I lacked both Patience & Persistence. I did not know how to STICK to it. I still lack Patience, but I have learnt Persistence through the 1700 stories I have written.

  4. Consumer vs Creator mindset: I was a greedy person always wanting to consume. I was unable to let go & get into the creator mindset. This is one that I have come a long way. I am able to create now, I am enjoying a FLOW state.

Where are you stuck?
What is stopping you?

Article Written By Sandeep Kochhar (Storyteller at bleWMinds Consulting)

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