How to withdraw BTCs Satoshi mining to Bank account

Recall that, crypto assets can’t be withdrawn directly into any bank account directly – rather you sell to another trader who then transfers money to your bank account, or via the P2P automated system provided by centralized exchanges.

Satoshi BTCs miners, here are steps to withdraw it to your bank account 💰 easily and faster, after the main network (mainnet) has gone live ⚡

BTCs aims to be a significant crypto second to Bitcoin by the creation of wealth for fairness and protection of the wealth.

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How to withdraw BTCs Satoshi to Bank account

To make successful withdrawal and cashout of your Satoshi BTCs to your bank account, we recommend you signup on these Centralized Exchanges (CEX) – Binance, or LBank.

These crypto exchanges grant traders easy steps to withdraw their crypto assets to their bank account via the P2P option. This is the step 🔃 to withdraw Satoshi BTCs to your bank account.

You can learn more on how P2P system works, here. If you want to start crypto, use any of the following wallets; Trust Wallet, MetaMask, Coinbase, Blockchain wallet, etc…

If you want to be getting verified news on crypto, you can use the following mediums; Cointelegraph, Binance news, Coinbase news, Coindesk, Kucoin news etc…

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