Interesting: Ten (10) Ways On How To Survive In Lagos State Nigeria

Lagos State, Nigeria’s largest city sprawls inland from the Gulf of Guinea across Lagos Lagoon. Victoria Island, the financial center of the metropolis, is known for its beach resorts, boutiques and nightlife.

Here are interesting things shared by a social media user, on how to survive In Lagos State Nigeria:

how to survive In Lagos State Nigeria:

  1. Don’t be normal. Have you heard the saying that “only mad people live in Lagos?” Exactly!! it’s because being normal makes you available for attacks.

  2. Have a car. Having a car is an added advantage, if you don’t have a car then you need to learn how you can cope with conductors and agberos. You even need to learn to cope with people who walk like they don’t have any place to be. I mean how can you be catwalking on the Lagos roads, with cars zooming like they don’t have brakes.

  3. Always have change (wazo) If you’re the kind of person who likes walking around with big currencies, Lagos is not for you. Have you ever bought something from hawkers in traffic only for them to disappear with your change? Have you ever fought with a conductor because he said “wole pelu change’e” but you entered with your #1000 Naira note? Lagos is not for you. Has a trader ever made you stand for a long time under the sun while they go round the market looking for change? You see that #50 you’re avoiding? You need it 😑

  4. Avoid “face me I face you” apartments. Don’t ask me why, just avoid them.

  5. Pray before boarding a bike. You see Lagos bike riders? Pray before you allow them carry you. Especially the ones who relocated from the North. If you’re the kind of person who sins alot, then it’s best you ask God for forgiveness before boarding any bike in this Lagos.

  6. Learn how to price goods. The act of pricing is a skill that Lagosians learn from birth. When someone tells us something is #5000, we start negotiating from #500 🤧. This is the reason a lot of traders have mastered the act of insulting customers. Some even go as far as chasing you a way from their shops. It’s not our fault, blame it on SAPA

  7. Generator: Don’t let anyone deceive you, we don’t have light in Lagos. You see Nepa? They’re the ones ruling us. Once you have a generator, you’ll have the respect of your neighbors because they won’t let your door rest. Any small thing “Pom pom. Brother, abeg I wan charge” Their phones no dey ever full.

  8. Have patience. People will try you, Lagos traffic will frustrate you, your neighbors will tempt you and bills will drain your account. You need a special kind of patience, only God can give it to you.

  9. Go out without your phones. You need to see the way people’s phones are snatched during traffic. You know that feeling when you touch your pocket and you can’t feel your phone? Once you live in Lagos you’ll get used to it. Infact, we don’t cry when we lose our phones anymore. “Them don thief am” is the new normal. There’s no safe place for your phone in Lagos, not even your church.

  10. Have money, have plenty money. Once you have money in Lagos you’re at an advantage. Infact, once you have money then you don’t need to worry about the things I listed above. Incase you’re thinking of relocating to Lagos, DON’T!!! We’re too much already 🤧 Las Las Lagos is not for everyone.If you’re reading this post, you don’t know what I just did for you🙌 You can add yours😁

Shared By: Nwachukwu Emmanuella Ebube-Ijeoma || Facebook User.

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