How To Safeguard Your Facebook Account From Cloners

Cloning Facebook: Verified Preventive Measures (Mentorslinks)

On daily basis, scammers are generating new technique(s) of working like legit individuals with the sole aim to defraud most newbie users on Facebook community.



Cloning of a user’s Facebook account is the act of using the same picture, exact name, and the same bio you are already using to create a new Facebook account (they don’t need your password to do this). They begins to add them your friends who will at such time think that it’s you and accept your request: From that point on, they can write what they want under your name and possibly sneak into their inbox to make one or more request which might be finance, etc.


Now, the way to safeguard your account from such is by ensuring that your friends’ list privacy is ‘Only Me’.  Also, check your account ‘SETTINGS’ and then ‘PRIVACY’ to ‘FACE RECOGNITION’ – Turn it ‘ON’. This will enable Facebook to recognize your facial description so as to immediately terminate any new account with your photos which you reported.


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