How To Make Profit From Laundry Business

As it is widely known that, there are few or no jobs out there, which makes most people ponder on why they even went to school in the first place. Nonetheless, blaming the government always won’t bring any positive outcome, but creating jobs and working on creating jobs can help us.



The “After School What Next?” statement alone raising or causes a whole lot of nightmares. Yes! And that’s what birthed this publication on today.



Right steps towards making profits from Laundry Business as it is a very lucrative business that most people
wouldn’t like to venture into, probably because they see it as demeaning to wash for other people, but trust me, there is a load of earnings in the business and you need little or nothing to commence on the business, and this is what I would be sharing with you.


Firstly, you need to spend at least a month with a professional dry cleaner, who would teach you the basics of laundry to a customers satisfaction. Secondly, when you are certified good
enough, purchase the following items;



Blankets as underlay, as well as white
clothes to be laid on it. A pressing iron. A big table. A few big bowls. White nylons (the ones used in bagging
bags of pure water).


With these, you can start your laundry
business even at home. If you think it is not lucrative enough, let’s do some quick maths. You wash and iron one shirt for 200, which means if you wash 10 shirts for 2 person, that is 2,000. Such person may give you 5
trousers and 2 suits plus 3 natives. (A
Trouser is 150, native is 400 naira per pair and suit is 600 naira for a pair. Do the maths.) It is a really nice business and you can make more than 50 thousand per month. That’s way
better than staying at home. And with time you will develop more skills and get more customers and more money to get a shop.